Prepare to Pass the Inspection

What is an Inspection?

It is an evaluation, carried out by a certified professional, of the physical and living conditions of the home you are selling. The inspector aims to identify system deficiencies, as well as the potential dangers and the useful life of the components of a property.

The results from the inspection are stated in a report that includes photos showing the condition of the property. This is accompanied by estimates of possible repair and/or replacement costs.

When is the Inspection Carried Out?

In Florida, the corresponding sales contract includes a clause that stipulates the amount of time a buyer must have the property they intend to buy inspected by a professional or to inspect said property on their own. The buyer usually has from five to 15 calendar days to exercise this right.

Why is the Inspection Important?

Upon receipt of the inspection report, the buyer has the right to continue, cancel, or negotiate the price or terms of the contract during the period established in the agreement.

Therefore, it is crucial that the seller prepares their property for a positive outcome, because a certified inspector will evaluate the following aspects:

1. Structure - The foundation and framework of the house.

2. Exterior – The condition of the sidewalk, ramps, stairs, windows and doors.

3. Roof - Among other things, they inspect the condition of the drainage system, tiles, gutters, and chimney.

4. Plumbing - Examine the water supply and drainage, water heater, pump, fuel storage, pipes, rust stains, and corrosion.

5. Electricity – They examine service panels, switches, isolators, fuses, and plugs.

6. Air Conditioning - This includes the home's cooling system, equipment and power supply.

7. Interiors - Check for leaks in pipes, insect damage, water damage and construction defects, among other items.

8. Ventilation / Insulation. Proper insulation and ventilation prevents the loss of energy. Excess moisture results in mold and water damage.

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